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Leadx removals offer a wide range of services from domiciliary clearances to business junk management projects at construction sites across the entire UK. Our company team is professional and well trained in the rubbish removal niche. The crew can offer you with the fast and efficient cleaning service. If there is any clutter that needs to be removed, just contact us, and we will handle the mess seamlessly. We have ten years of experience and fleet of motor vehicles adapted for junk cleaning.

We can get rid of all your unwanted stuff much easier. If you have to clear out after a big occasion or getting ready to relocate your house, we can assist you with house clearance and waste disposal. Our removals crew can handle all sorts of stuff, including electrical waste, old furniture, and other wastes, and we will be happy to come out for a whole house cleaning or just picking a single item.

It might be a hard task to dispose of heavy stuff of old furniture. If you are getting rid of your old sofa, make contact to our sofa disposal to handle the mess. You can contact us instead of manoeuvring your old sofa out of the house and trying to move it to a waste disposal site.

We can make it easier to keep the area around your property as clean as possible by assisting you in getting rid of garage and garden junk with our garden cleaning services. If you need to clean your hedgerows or garden shed, contact us and our garden clearance team will organize a convenient time for clearance.

Organizations and businesses here in Wembley can also contact us to organize office cleaning and disposal of commercial waste. Our professional office clearance staff will handle all sorts of heavy waste or undertake rubbish removals when relocating your premises.

Our clearance services can offer affordable services than skip hire. Being less costly than skip, Leadx Removals can also ensure that your rubbish clearance is easier as possible. If you want some of your unwanted junk to be removed, just contact us, and we will handle it for you. Don’t worry about finding room for your skip and we need no skip permit. One of our professionals will perform all the heavy lifting for you and dispose of the stuff as soon as possible.

When we undertake rubbish disposal on our behalf, we also make sure that disposal is conducted in the safer and environmentally friendly way. Any stuff that can be reused is donated to local charity. We recycle the waste before taking the remaining waste to waste disposal site here in Wembley. You can rely on us to handle your rubbish responsibly since our services are registered with the Environmental Agency.

If you still doubt that we are the right company for your task, why don’t you visit the rest of our websites and read our client testimonials? If you need get your garden, house or office cleared or to arrange for old furniture disposal, contact us today or visit our contact page to find more about our house clearance services across Wembley.

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