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Leadx Removals is your full-service junk removal and hauling company in Romford.  The company commenced its activities in 2007 and up-to-date, we still offer the best rubbish removals at an affordable price. The company has been offering outstanding services for the last ten years, and we have managed to get a great reputation. Currently, we are the leading organization offering rubbish removals in Romford.

We are a service provider that lets both business people and residents of Romford get rid of all sorts of rubbish. You no longer need to worry about old pieces of furniture, construction debris, old and useless mattresses and any other form of junk. Leadx Removals avails the required level of expertise and other resources such as vehicles, rubbish collection and disposal tools and equipment to ensure that your environment is junk-free.

One of the things that bring a big difference between the services we provide and other services provided by other companies is the quality of our rubbish removal resources. First, we have a great team of rubbish removers. This team consists of excellently-trained individuals with a broad knowledge of rubbish removal activities. Besides, they understand the garbage laws governing the collection and disposal of rubbish in Romford. Therefore, you can be guaranteed of the most affordable and reliable rubbish removals in Romford.

At Leadx Removals, we use the top-quality rubbish collection and disposal tools and equipment. Our professional rubbish removers understand the importance of using eco-friendly methods, tools, and equipment to collect and dispose of rubbish. Therefore, rest assured that we care about the environment just the way you do. Our employees have been fully trained to offer the best rubbish removals in Romford.

Leadx Removals has a decade of experience in the provision of rubbish removals in Romford. We have been serving both commercial centres and residential areas. We can monitor and empty your home’s rubbish bin regularly. Besides, we can collect broken pieces of furniture, glass, and other forms of rubbish from your backyard and garden. Besides, we can ensure your office and business premises are junk-free at an affordable cost. Note that Leadx Removals was created to ensure that you live in a clean environment.

At Leadx Removals we strongly believe that gone are the days when people used to collect and burn heaps of rubbish in their backyards and offices. With the emergence of rubbish removal companies, people have turned to more eco-friendly ways of collecting and disposing of rubbish. We are one company that focuses on making it easier for everyone to keep their homes and businesses places clean.

Note that the company is a member of British Association of Removers. Thus, all our operations and practices are in accordance with the code of practice set by this organization. Contact for a free quote.

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